12.2010 new book



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8 responses to “12.2010 new book

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  2. Pam

    Okay, I’m seriously in LOVE with this picture. (and yes it needed caps lock for that).

  3. I want this book
    where can I get it – I live in Las Vegas!!!!

  4. citrus_ice06

    Hello Lisa!

    You do not know me, but I know that journal. I have been trying so hard to get that book! Would you be able to help me? Take a look on the journal and see if you can find an isbn number. it looks like a barcode and has 10 or 13 numbers underneath. If you could do that for me I might be able to finally get one. I’ve been dying to have this book since february, but my starbucks ran out and they aren’t selling it anymore! 😦 Also, if you can tell me who publishes it and if there is any way I can contact them – a website a phone number or something. Thanks!


    • megs

      Hi, I just finished moving and have tons of boxes to unpack. Once I find the book again I’ll add that information here for you.
      Good luck on locating it! 🙂

      • citrus_ice06

        Thanks Lisa! I hope you don’t literally mean “tons” of boxes! LOL, I guess that’s how it feels when you have to unpack, besides all the other things in life we have to keep up with! Look forward to hearing from you! Happy packing!

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